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OER in Legal Education
Word Workshops & Beyond: Embedding Tech Modules in Required Courses ,
Let's Talk Hybrids: How Hybrid Programs are Opening Doors to Additional Revenue Streams for Law Schools
STOP! Collaborate and Listen: Back with Tools for Fraternization ,
Two-Birds, One Stone: Repurposing Office Technologies to Meet Knowledge Management Needs , ,
What to Make In My Makerspace: Putting the Laboratory Back in the Library ,
From Knowing That to Knowing How: Rubrics for Foundational Legal Reasoning Skills
Technology in the Legal Research & Writing Classroom: How to Organize, Teach, and Grade using Online Teaching Platforms in the Classroom.
The Future of CALI: Dancing Faster and Faster
Digital Immigrants teaching Digital Natives
LII, Justia & Oyez: A Supreme (Court) Combination ,
Going Hi-Tech in 1L Criminal Law
Advanced Legal Research Instruction: New Opportunities in Blended Learning ,
SharePoint Workflows - The Ties and Conditional Actions that Bind
Formative Assessment in Law Schools - Discussion and Evaluation of Available Tools , , ,
Updates Available: Patching Traditional Legal Research and Writing Instruction with New Tools and Platforms
Planting the Seed: Using Apple TV's in the Classroom
12 Years of Student Technology Ownership Surveys: Trends & Today’s Opportunities for Richer Learning Experiences ,
Ch-ch-ch-changes: The Evolving Role of the Law School IT Department , , , ,
Combining Legal Research Pedagogy, Pro Bono and Experiential Learning in the First Year Curriculum at the University of Tennessee ,
Law Firm Tech - What They Know, What They Want to Know, and What They Need to Know in Practice ,
If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them. , , ,
Infographics on the Brain: Using Visuals to Enhance the Classroom Experience
A Really Scary Idea: A MOOC based on student discussion ?!
Adventures with Articulate Storyline: Are recordings more effective than live lectures when it comes to student retention?
Let's talk technology ... Everything technology
A2J Author: The Document Assembles
Legal Project Management for the Modern Lawyer: equipping lawyers for the "New Normal"
Social Media: Ethical Considerations of Posting, Tweeting and Blogging in Law Practice
Brave New World: Forging Alphas from Formative Assessment (Sponsored by ExamSoft)
Busting the Myths about Distance Learning (Sponsored by iLaw Ventures)
Ready, Set, Freakout! Two years in the life of a Canvas migration
Microlearning Legal Research ,
Mindfulness Is Not Dangerous
Baselining Technology Competencies to Position Students, Faculty, and Staff for Success
Library Technologies – Choosing the Best of Breed , ,
Libraries as Publishers of Affordable E-Books , ,
Rip, Mix, Learn with CALI Lawbooks
Behind the Screens: A look at both the CALI and JMLS clockwork that (almost) nobody ever gets to see ,
Complex Business Regulation: Learning By Tinkering
Topic Modelling: Taxonomic Panacea or Another Heartbreaking Detour on the Road to Free and Open Law?
"Already know you that which you need" - Yoda, likely referring to CALI's resources , ,
Online and Social Media Tools for Law School Graduate Career Development
Configuring WordPress for use as a teaching tool
So you've digitized U.S. caselaw, now what? ,
Ed Tech Innovations Update 2016 ,
Incubators, Legal Education, Technology and Access to Justice ,
Sink or Swipe: Incorporating Managed Devices into Law Office Technology Instruction ,
The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Legal Education, Research and Practice ,
Bringing Access to Justice to the Classroom through the A2J Author Course Project , ,
Legal education leads to successful learning which leads to success in practicing law, or does it?
Got Research? There’s an app for that! ,
Bepress repositories; maintaining and developing for the future
Mapping Supreme Court Doctrine
Enhancing Students’ Practice Skills and Marketability with Legal Technology (Sponsored by Bloomberg Law) ,
Software management and large digital archives , , ,
The WeCite Project: How the Movement to Free the Law is Teaching Law Students to Understand Case Relationships
Mood Indigo: Citations, Technology, & Law ,
Using Social Media for Teaching & Learning in an era of Digital Natives
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